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So what are up guys? It’s your boy Sagar here with another fresh and interesting post of Lulubox Apk Download. Today we are going to Download Lulubox Apk to maximize your gaming experience. So without wasting any more seconds Let’s get started with a quick overview:)

What Is Lulubox Apk?

If you are surfing this website through your Android Phone then probably you have at least one Game on your Android Phone and loves to play that game. Sometimes, you will probably get disturbed while playing your favourite game just because of Annoying pop-ups that tell us to Purchase Gold, Diamonds, or Pay for the premium subscription to unlock this level.

Game developers also ask for some amount to unlock your favourite in-game characters or skipping/upgrading a level. Most of us don’t want to pay for this kind of thing but also want to unlock these features.

Lulubox Apk is free to download as well as totally free to use android application that makes you able to avail of all the premium and paid features of your game at free of cost. 

The Lulubox app makes you play your favourite game without any barrier. You can unlock every single feature of your game without paying any single penny through the Lulubox Apk For Android.

Why Should You Use The Lulubox App?

Lulubox App is a third party android application that unlocks all the features (paid & premium) of your favorite game for free of cost. Reasons for Lulubox Apk Download and use not limited! There are tons of reasons to Download Lulubox Apk and use it. Here are some main reasons to use Lulubox App- 

  • NO ROOT REQUIRED – Unlike other applications, Lulubox Apk doesn’t require any root permission to function properly. In order to unlock all the premium and paid features of your game, the tool has to go beyond the securities and conditions of your game files, which requires advance permission that is Root Permission to function. But in the case Of Lulubox Apk, this tool does not need the root permission to go beyond the securities and conditions of your game files.
  • TOTALLY FREE TO USE- Max of us are students and can not afford the cost of unlocking premium and paid features of your favourite game. Thanks to the Lulubox apk that unlocks all the premium and paid features for us at free of cost. Lulubox Apk itself is totally free to download and use. 
  • FREE COINS, GEMS & CHARACTERS- Lulubox Apk Offers You Unlimited and Free Coins, Gems, and Characters to maximize your Gaming Experience. With the help of Unlimited Coins and Gems, You can purchase and unlock everything you want in your games. Your favourite characters can also be unlocked.

Lulubox Apk 2020

Lulubox Download Brings lots of more interesting features with it’s latest version. New Version of Lulubox 2020 is designed very nicely with an easy to use User Interface. Lulubox Apk comes up with these latest and more interesting features-

  • Now You will get unlimited coins, skin, themes, power-ups, and boosts from the latest version of LuluBox Apk.
  • Navigation has been made more simple in the latest version of Lulubox Apk. Now you can easily navigate through options.
  • Now You can easily unlock skins, themes, maps and levels of your game with the new version of the Lulubox App.

App developers are continuously working to add more and more features to the Lulubox App. Also, They always look forward to improving their application. That means we can expect more interesting updates in the Future.

Lulubox Download

Lulubox Apk
Application NameLulubox Apk
CategoryAndroid game
Size13.03 MB
Last Update01/08/2020

Lulubox Apk old version download

How To Download and Install Lulubox Apk

Downloading and installing the Lulubox App is not like learning rocket science, haha Lol. It is very easy to download and install the Lulubox App on your android phone. All you need to do is just follow my steps-

Step1: Download Lulubox Apk 

Lulubox Apk

First of all, you need to download the apk file of Lulubox. You can easily download it from the given link below or just follow this image to find out the download link. Now just tap on the download link and your download will begin shortly.

Step2: Find Out The Downloaded File

Lulubox Apk

After successfully downloading the apk file, Locate to your downloads directory and click on the Lulubox Apk file to Install.

Step3: Allow the Permission

Lulubox Apk

After clicking on the Downloaded file of Lulubox apk, it may ask for Allow Unknown Source Installation or Allow App Installs. If you have this kind of popup or screen on your phone then just follow this image otherwise skip to the next step.

Step4: Install The App

Official Lulubox Apk Download

Now you can see the installation screen with two buttons Cancel and Install. Tap on the Install Button to start installing Lulubox Apk on your phone.

Step5: Open The Lulubox App

Lulubox Download

After successfully installing the Lulubox App on your phone, a new screen will appear to you with Two buttons- Done and Open. Tap on the open button to start your application.

Step6: Accept License Agreement

Lulubox latest version

After opening the app for the first time, you will see a Terms of Use and End-user License Agreement. Simply tap on the agree button or you can read the Agreement.

Step7: Start Using Your Lulubox App


Your Installation process now has been successfully completed and now you can start using your Lulubox Apk.

How To Use Lulubox App?

Lulubox Apk is very easy to navigate and use. To start using it perfectly, just follow these Steps-

  • Open The Lulubox App On your Android Phone.
  • On the first screen of this app, You will get a list of games to start playing. Select and Open the game of your choice.
  • Enjoy the Unlimited Coins, Gems, Lives, Themes, Characters, Maps. Also, All the premium and paid features for free of cost.

NOTE:- If you want to enjoy Unlimited Coins, Gems, Lives, Themes, Characters, Maps, and Premium features free of cost then you have to open your game through this Application. Lulubox app will not work if you open your game without going through this application. 

Lulubox Supported Games

Lulubox offers lots of games to Play with Premium features for free of cost. Here are some best and most playing games of them-

Lulubox For PUBG

Lulubox Apk offers one of the biggest Android Battle Royale Game PUBG to play through it. You will get Five Battle Themes if you play PUBG through Lulubox App.

Lulubox For Carrom Pro

Lulubox Apk offers one of the most popular Game Carrom Pro to play through it. You will get Five Battle Themes if you play PUBG through Lulubox App. You will get unlimited coins, skin for striker pack and many more premium features free of cost if you play Carrom Pro game through it.

Lulubox For Free Fire

Loves to play Free Fire?? And wants some additional and premium features for free? Then play your favourite Free Fire through Lulubox App. Lulubox offers lots of amazing premium features like- free skins, for free of cost.

Lulubox for 8 Ball Pool

The most popular Pool game, 8 Ball Pool is also available in the Lulubox App. Play your favourite 8 Ball Pool Game with Lulubox App to Unlock Premium Features for free. Lots of exciting features are also available there. 

Lulubox Free Fire Diamond 

One of the most popular and Most Downloaded Android Battle Royale Game Free Fire is also Available in Lulubox App. 

Open your favourite Free Fire Game Through Lulubox App and Enjoy Unlimited Free Fire Diamonds To unlock characters and themes. 

Lulubox has currently a total of 20 Games that offer premium features Unlimited Coins, Gems, Lives, Themes, Characters, Maps. Also, All the premium and paid features for free of cost.

Here they are-

  • PUBG
  • Garena Free Fire Battleground
  • Subway Princess
  • Mobile legend bang bang
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Crazy juice
  • Carrom Pool
  • Crowdcity
  • Racing Fever: Moto
  • Sniper 3d
  • Insect area
  • Candy Crush
  • Hunter killer
  • Clash of clans
  • Mini militia
  • Temple Run 2
  • Multiple Space
  • Need For Speed
  • Johnny Trigger
  • Woodturning
  • Hill Climb Racing

We can expect many more games on this list in the future. However, you can add your other games in the Lulubox App to Speed up the gaming performance of that game.

How To Speed Up Your Game With Lulubox App?

You can very easily speed up the gaming experience with Lulubox App. Apart from unlocking premium and paid features free of cost, Lulubox App can be also used for boosting the speed of your game. All you need to do is just add your game to the Lulubox Game list. You can follow this image for a better understanding. You can boost your Apps too. 

Lulubox 2020 for PC

Since Lulubox App is of apk format and it is not possible to install a .apk file Into your Mac or Windows PC Directly. However, we can install it through an Alternate Method. You can use Lulubox 2020 For PC via following these Steps – 

  • Download and Install Bluestack Emulator into your PC. 
  • Setup Your Emulator via signing up with Your Google account. 
  • Open Bluestack Emulator on your PC and download The Lulubox app on it. 
  • Install Lulubox App through Bluestack Emulator. 
  • Open the Lulubox app and Start Using it. 

Lulubox 2020 for IOS

Developers of Lulubox Application have not announced the IOS version of Lulubox App Yet but we can expect the IOS Version of the Lulubox App in the future for sure. 

How To Update Lulubox Apk

New Updates comes with more new exciting features and this is why users like me love to keep their Apps Up-to-dated. Updating Your Lulubox App is not a difficult task. You can easily Update Lulubox App without installing any other application. All you need to do is just follow the given Steps – 

  • Open The Lulubox App In Your Android Phone. 
  • Navigate to the Home Screen Of Lulubox App. 
  • Tap on the Settings (Gear icon) and open it. 
  • Navigate to Check for Update Options On Settings Screen. And click on it. 
  • If there is any available update for your Lulubox app, then it will automatically start downloading inside your Application. 


Is it Safe to Use Lulubox App In Your Phone? 

Lulubox Apk is fully secured and safe to use In your Android Phone. We would like to suggest you download it from our given link and please avoid downloading it from any other unknown sources. 

Rooting is Required? 

The Lulubox App Doesn’t require any root permissions to function properly. You can easily run the Lulubox app on your Android phone without having any Root permission and Enjoy every feature. 

Lulubox v/s Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher and Lulubox app are of the same category. Both are best in their place and both work properly. If we talk about the difference Then the only difference between these two apps is – Lucky Patcher can modify all the apps and games of Android but on another hand, Lulubox can Modify only given Apps and Games in Lulubox. But still, we will suggest you use Lulubox because it is more Safe and Secure in comparison to Lucky Patcher. 

Lulubox v/s Game Guardian

Patching an android app or game is not a very difficult task nowadays. There are lots of Plugins and apps available for doing this and Game Guardian is one of them. Both Lulubox and Game Guardian are capable of patching your favourite game and unlock premium features for free of cost. The Only difference between both apps is – Game Guardian requires Root Permission to start functioning but on another hand, Lulubox doesn’t require any Root permissions to start functioning. 

Lulubox has Stopped 

If Lulubox force stops or stops functioning properly on your Android phone then you can follow these two most common solutions-

  1. Download the latest version of Lulubox from our given link. 
  2. Re-install the Lulubox app on your phone and Restart your game in the Lulubox app. 

Does it require MOD Packages? 

MOD packages are the Modified Version of a game or app that comes up with some changes in comparison to the original version. Mod packages also offer you Unlimited coins, games and premium features for free of cost. But if you are using Lulubox then you don’t need to download and install any MOD Packages on your phone. 

Lulubox Apk Extra Feature

You can also use the Lulubox app to download high-quality video videos. Use the video browser feature for downloading high-resolution videos and movies. 

Final Word

One thing we want to tell you is that this is not the official website of Lulubox. Its official website and and If you have any kind of Doubt or Query regarding this article then feel free to let us know.

Happy Gaming:) 

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